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Google launches YouTube Capture video sharing app for iPhone

Hot on the heels of its long-awaited maps app, Google has sprung a surprise on iOS users with the release of YouTube Capture, a free video recording and sharing app for iPhone and iPod touch. Like most camera apps, it opens to a viewfinder on launch (and even reminds you to turn your device horizontally before you begin shooting). When you're done, you can share your footage to YouTube and social networks, and the app is capable of uploading while in the background.

YouTube Capture also lets you enable video stabilization, color correction and other fixes, or add music to your footage from a library of free tunes. You can use it to edit, score and upload existing videos on your device, too. Google hasn't mentioned when the app will be coming to iPad but, in a bit of a rare move for the search giant, it actually isn't available for Android yet.

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