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Raspberry Pi launches app store, allows developers to share free and paid-for apps and games


Raspberry Pi continues to to strengthen its pull on beginner developers and has now launched its very own app store. With 23 titles already available, the company has allied itself with IndieCity and Velocix to create a familiar app shopping experience on the web. Raspberry Pi OS users can download and upload content (including binaries, raw Python code, images, audio or video) to the store, with the option of whether or not to charge embedded alongside a "tip jar" mechanism to offer up some fiscal encouragement. One commercial game, Storm in a Teacup (priced at £1.99) joins the largely free online library, while a system of reviews and ratings hopes to ensure the best content rises to the top, with the system also picking up registered users' personal tastes. You can browse what the store's got to offer at the second source link.

Update: Looks like so many people tried to access the store that it's fallen over. Might be best to try in a little while.

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