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Review: Color Thief for iOS

Mel Martin

Color Thief is an interesting app for photo buffs that copies color information from one photo and applies it to another. That makes it a rather unique feature. My first reaction was "who cares?" But after playing with the app for a while, I found it interesting to apply a color scheme from one landscape photo to another. The results were sometimes weird, but at other times I liked the result, and it was a color scheme that I could not have arrived at any other way.

I also took one color selection from a single image, and applied it to several other images, so they all had similar color tones. Great for creating a collage. Images are saved at original resolution which is a plus because so many apps scale them down.

Finished images can be sent via email, posted to Facebook or sent via Twitter. They can also be sent to other apps like Instagram for further adjustments.

Color Thief has only one purpose, but it achieves that purpose quickly and artfully. The app is US$1.99 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It require iOS 5.1 and is not universal. This is an app crying out for an iPad version. If you're a person who loves to experiment with digital filters, Color Thief is something I think you will enjoy. I've put some sample images in the gallery below.

Gallery: Color Thief for iOS | 6 Photos

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