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Survey: 87% of US magazines, newspapers have an iPad app


Despite the demise of the high-profile iPad-only newspaper The Daily this past week, the Alliance for Audited Media (formerly the Audit Bureau of Circulations) found that 87 percent of US magazine and newspaper publishers have an iPad app.

The AAM's survey, which can be viewed in full here, shows that while iOS apps are in the lead right now, publishers are creating content for a growing number of platforms. Close to 70 percent were creating native apps, while 67 percent were creating web apps. Magazines were much more likely to use native apps, while newspapers were split on using native and web apps.

As expected from the move from paper to digital, paywalls are becoming a common way for newspapers to monetize their content. A full 48 percent of newspapers responding to the AAM survey said that they have a paywall, something that was totally nonexistent just a few years ago.

With all of the growth in digital magazines and newspapers, over 97 percent of the respondents to the survey still believe that they'll continue their printed editions in the next five years.

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