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The Showdown Effect targets March launch, $10 price tag; beta signups tomorrow


During a meeting with Paradox VP of business development Shams Jorjani last week, Joystiq learned that upcoming multiplayer action-shooter The Showdown Effect will cost $10 when it launches on Steam, which Paradox currently has lined up for March 2013. And starting tomorrow, Paradox will hold signups for an open beta for all interested parties.

Jorjani sums up The Showdown Effect as "Worms in real-time" with a decidedly '80s and '90s action movie and television influence. "We've turned that into a 2.5D action online brawler – the closest game to date might maybe be Smash Bros. or PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale." He also likened The Showdown Effect to Soldat, a PC multiplayer side-scrolling shooter from back in 2002.

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