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Transmog your way into the Kor'kron Overseers of Undercity

Matthew Rossi

Are you a proud orc, or just like to dress like one, and you want to show solidarity with the Kor'kron Overseers who've been watching Undercity since Varimathras pulled his attempted coup? Well, we have a look for you! It actually comes fairly close to matching up with the Kor'kron. Now, this is a plate set, because that's what the Kor'kron wear, and it's designed around the use of a 2h weapon for the same reason. Also note, this is specifically designed to look like the Kor'kron Overseers that guard Undercity - it's not a match for the old Kor'kron who guarded Thrall in Orgrimmar, or the ones you see in Northrend, Cataclysm's zones or Mists.

Despite the fact that this is a set modeled after the Kor'kron, it's technically speaking not a Horde specific set. It can be mostly replicated by any Alliance players who just want to feel Hordely for a day. Yes, I know that's not a word. What's interesting about the Kor'kron Overseer look is that it can be approximated fairly closely with in-game items and you can even vary the color on several of the pieces if you don't like the original for whatever reason.

Transmog your way into the Kor'kron Overseers of Undercity

To be the fist of the Warchief

To exactly color match the Kor'kron requires several pieces of old-world uncommon plate, the Brutish set, but there are options if you can't find those that preserve the textures and use muted colors that work with the overall look. (On my server, the Brutish pieces sell for 2k gold apiece, so I'm presenting options wherever possible.) The best possible weapon option if you're looking to exactly mimic the Kor'kron Overseer is a quest reward, so if you did the quest and took another option or deleted/disenchanted the reward, you may have to settle for an off-color model, as I have above. I'm also including a sword and mace option for players who are using one of those, even though the Kor'kron Overseers themselves use axes. We've already covered how to match the Kor'kron who appear in the Echo Isles in an earlier transmog post.
  • Helmet - For the helm, the closest color match I found was the Flamebane Helm. It's the same dull red-brown, but it has gold trim instead of the grey trim on the Kor'kron helm. If you can't find or craft that one (It's an Aldor rep pattern) then the Shattered Hand Helmet or the Brutish Helmet are a similar dark red-brown, but they also have the gold trim.
  • Shoulders - For Horde players, the Defiler's Plate Spaulders are a perfect match. The Alliance version, the Highlander's Plate Spaulders, are visually identical. The Spaulders of Dementia are not a perfect color match, but they're a muted grey-black so they're not as glaringly off as others like the Ragesteel Shoulders or Drake Talon Pauldrons. Really, if you're going for this look, the Defiler's/Highlanders are the best possible match and the easiest to acquire.
  • Tabard - For this set, the Orgrimmar Tabard is a necessity. Sorry, Alliance.
  • Chest - Frankly, it really doesn't matter, as the tabard is crucial to the look. But if you're a stickler, the best match is the Brutish Breastplate. There are several lookalikes you can use if you can't color match with the Brutish, such as the Adamantite Breastplate. (The Adamantite color matches the Defiler boots which we'll be listing below, and it's what I have on in the picture above.)
  • Bracers - Bracers can't be seen over the gloves, so it's not necessary to use them. The Brutish Armguards match this set and have several potential alternatives including the quest reward Sha'tari Wrought Armguards and the crafted Adamantite Plate Bracers.
  • Gloves - The Brutish Gauntlets are your best match to the NPC's look, but the crafted Adamantite Plate Gauntlets are probably the easiest to get and match the Defiler boots you can pick up while getting the Defiler's Plate Spaulders.
Transmog your way into the Kor'kron Overseers of Undercity
With the exception of the helmet (which you can't exactly color match) it is technically possible to exactly match the Undercity Kor'kron's look with in-game items. Right now the only thing holding me back is the belt. Throm'ka, warriors.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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