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Apple denied a permanent injunction against Samsung in US court case


Apple was denied an injunction and Samsung was denied a retrial in a pair of post-trial decisions handed down by Judge Lucy Koh in the United States District Court of the Northern District of California.

Koh denied Apple's request for a permanent injunction against the Samsung products that a jury said infringe on the Cupertino company's patents. According to The Verge, Apple didn't convince that judge that Samsung's infringing features were directly driving consumer demand for the product.

Koh also denied Samsung a mistrial based on allegations of misconduct by jury foreman Velvin Hogan, who was involved in a lawsuit with Seagate. Koh argued that Samsung's legal team should have uncovered this Seagate link, which he admitted in the jury selection process.

Apple was awarded $1.05 billion in a jury decision handed down in this case earlier this year.

[Via The Verge]

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