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Breakfast Topic: Efficiency

In a post yesterday about the easiness of low level dungeons, wiserwaylander commented on an interesting aspect of the game: efficiency. He even quoted a tweet from Ghostcrawler on the topic, which read as follows:
I was first surprised by this assertion, and then, on reflection, agreed with it. Players are definitely focused on efficiency, in the quest towards end-game content, and it seems likely that it has to do with the social aspect of the game -- the main social elements, while certainly present while leveling, really appear in earnest once a player's character has reached max level. It would certainly be foolish to pretend that there is no such thing as a twinking community, but the current PvP season, the current raids, the current gear grind, all of those happen mostly at maximum level.

So is it any wonder that players' focus is to take the most efficient path through the game to get to that end goal? And once players are there, then efficiency loses no importance. The most efficient rotation for DPS, the most efficient threat generation and cooldown use for tanks, the most efficient way for healers to put their blue bar into the raid's green bar. A big part of the game is efficiency.

But are players to focused on efficiency over fun? Would WoW be a happier place if we stopped to smell the roses along the leveling path, particularly, just because roses are awesome? And are you focused on efficiency over fun or self-improvement? Think about it before answering, I know I had to.

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