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Grab the Nubuwo Winter Bundle, help fund the FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD


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The third video game music menagerie from Nubuwo is the Winter Bundle, and it's available on the Kickstarter for the FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD, a documentary of Tokyo's live chiptune concert. The Winter Bundle includes two halves of more than 80 songs each, the indie pack and the Fami pack, with either half up for $7 or the full bundle for $10.

The indie pack includes Rainbow Moon Melodies, Slipstream Volume One (revisiting music from Wipeout), El Huervo Trilogy (including music from Kometen, Hotline Miami and Clairvoyance) and the FTL: Faster Than Light soundtrack. The Fami pack includes the holiday chiptune album 8-Bit Jesus, Mega Man cover album Mega Ran Fifth Anniversary Edition, Killed by Koopa Stage One and FAMI-MODE 2012 Live Recordings.

The Kickstarter itself funds the FAMI-MODE 2012 DVD, but if it makes you feel better, look at this as a simple way to get the Nubuwo Winter Bundle on the cheap. The Kickstarter has to succeed for the goods to be distributed in this way, though – there are eight days left to raise $4,700 on this thing. Rock and fund on, chiptune lovers.

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