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Grokr for iOS curates the Internet so you don't have to


Grokr is an ambitious project. It's a personalized search and discovery platform that brings relevant information to your iOS device with minimal effort on your part. It's predictive like Google Now, but without the voice-driven features of the search assistant.

Grokr builds a profile based on your interests, the places you go, the things you search for and the conversations on your social networks. It then uses this profile to present information that you would like to know or read.

The app is built on tiles that are updated at the appropriate time of day. If it's your morning commute, then the transportation tile will show you local traffic information. If it's Sunday, then the sports tile will display the results of your favorite team's game.

Grokr debuted in the iOS App Store this week and the company has big plans for improving its knowledge algorithm and expanding it to include the business and productivity part of our lives. You can download Grokr from the iOS App Store for free and check out the next wave of intelligent virtual assistants.

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