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MechWarrior delivers whopping update with twin dragon 'Mechs


Right in time for the holidays, Piranha Games has delivered a whopping gift for all of its players in the form of the year's largest content update for MechWarrior Online.

Let's tick off the list, shall we? First up is the brand-new conquest mode, which allows players to capture and hold five different locations. Next is the addition of three new 'Mechs: the Twin Dragons and the Stalker Assault. Following that, players will enjoy an economy update, a bonus to currency acquisition for new players, a night map of River City, new ways to customize a 'Mech's look, and cool holiday items. Finally, the team's throwing in plenty of bug and performance fixes free of charge.

If you give one of the new 'Mechs a try, definitely let us know how it handles! We've got the trailer for this update after the cut.

[Source: Piranha Games' press release]

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