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Help us pick the winner for our 'Bring a Reader to CES 2013' contest!


Dearest Reader,

Thank you for all the heartfelt replies to our previous letter -- it really meant a lot. As promised last time we chatted, we've done our bit by wading through hours of mostly great video to find just the right entrant to join us in Las Vegas for the next installment of the Consumer Electronics Show. We think we've found three great choices, so if it isn't being too forward, we'd like you to do your bit by pitching in with a single vote. You see, we're all at odds about which contestant should join us, so we want to combine your thoughts with ours and declare the contest won. Keep in mind, however, that none of the contestants deserve or need any grief for their efforts. If you feel you "could have done better" then next time, please do. Now follow on to see our favorite three and place your vote in the poll below. Cheerio!


Buckley's entry:

Daniel's entry:

Jonathan's entry:

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