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Following Lifeline reforms, FCC funds pilot programs to improve broadband adoption

Zachary Lutz

Following the FCC's reforms of its Lifeline assistance program, the regulatory agency announced today that it's trimmed subsidy expenditures by a handsome $214 million -- which just so happens to be $14 million more than expected. As part of the agency's original vision for reform, the FCC will put this $14 million surplus (of sorts) toward a handful of programs that seek to improve broadband adoption. In all, 14 pilot projects across 21 states and Puerto Rico will receive funding from Genachowski & Crew, with the goal of providing broadband internet to 75,000 households that currently lack the service. Further, the cash will also be put toward studies that seek to determine efficient methods to increase and retain broadband adoption among low-income citizens. Each pilot program will run for 18 months and is set to begin on February 1st of the coming year. Thanks, FCC: a bit of good news is always nice.

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