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Where To? for iOS adds a bunch of features holiday travelers will like

Mel Martin

With so many of us hitting the road for the holidays, travelers need all the help they can get. An update released today for Where To? fills the bill nicely.

The US$2.99 app has an extensive points-of-interest database, links to reviews and can transfer directions to Apple Maps and third-party apps. I found the POI lists far better than what is built into Apple Maps, and the reviews are also more extensive. It also will provide driving directions from its internal database. In addition to car directions, the app now features walking and public transit directions.

One feature added that I really like is the ability to send turn-by-turn directions to someone. You also can choose any destination and add it to your contacts.

There are plenty of free apps such as Around Me which I think highly of, but the polish and depth of Where To? makes it a worthwhile investment, and it's sure to find places a lot of other apps miss.

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