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GBE Games and Aurora Interactive bringing The Aurora World stateside


A new challenger has appeared in the fantasy MMO arena today in the form of GBE Games and Aurora Interactive's newly announced import, The Aurora World. This is the first we've heard of The Aurora World (though it apparently already has a following in China and Korea), so we don't have a ton in the way of information at the moment. We do, however, have some preliminary details and an announcement trailer.

The game's press release, which announces that the game is aiming for an "early 2013" launch, claims that the game will boast eight different professions "with their own unique specializations and master system," plus "an extensive PvE experience with entertaining daily quests, events and crafting" and "a robust PvP system" including 300-player nation wars, clan wars, and a "coliseum mode." There's also mention of "a unique hybrid pet/mount system known as Majinns," though all we know about that is that it exists. If you want to know more about this up-and-coming title, be sure to check out the trailer after the cut and check out the game's official site for some nifty screenshots and a mailing list for further updates.

[Source: GBE Games press release]

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