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Five apps for the last-minute holiday shopper


Holiday shoppers, your time is almost up! There are only a few days left until deliveries cease and the stores shut down for Christmas. Here are five apps to make this last-minute shopping frenzy a little easier on you and your wallet.

Clutch (iPhone, Category: Lifestyle, Free)

Clutch is your one-stop shopping app for the remaining people on your gift list. You can add people to your gift-giving list and then use the daily deals, price comparison tool or coupons to save money. You can even buy a gift from within the app and have it delivered directly to your loved one's doorstep.

ReturnGuru (iPhone, Category: Productivity, Free)

ReturnGuru lets you enter receipts on your phone and track their return dates. The app supports physical and digital receipts, so you can keep track of almost every item you buy. The app will alert you when the return period is about to expire.

Parking Meter Pro (iPhone, Category: Utilities, Free)

Parking Meter Pro will help you navigate a busy shopping mall and its parking garages. The app marks the spot where you parked and lets you add either a picture or a note to help you remember your location. You can also set a timer, if you are paying for your time parking at the mall.

Point Inside Shopping & Travel (iPhone, Category: Navigation, Free)

Point Inside is your personal navigator when you are inside the mall. The app includes complete directories and interactive indoor maps of over 1,250 malls across North America. There are also location-aware offers, deals and coupons that'll help you save money while you shop.

DropGifts (iPhone, Category: Social Networking, Free)

Gift cards are a nice alternative when you can't find a gift or are running out of time to buy one. DropGifts is an iOS app that'll let you send a gift card to your Facebook friends. It includes high-profile gift cards like Gap and Barnes & Noble. If you don't want to use an app to give a gift, you can always give the gift of an app now that Apple has restored that feature to the App Store.

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