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Karateka compared on the Apple II and the iPhone


Jordan Mechner is the original creator of the classic Prince of Persia series, and as we mentioned earlier this week, he's recently remade another game of his, Karateka, in a brand-new form on the iPhone and the iPad. The video below, however, isn't really about the game itself -- it's about the devices used to run the game. Mechner compares the device he originally created Karateka on (the Apple II, or the Apple ][, as us oldsters know it) with the device he remade it for, Apple's iPhone 5.

The differences are fascinating, and the video will either serve as a trip down memory lane for anyone who remembers the old days of floppy disks and big-box software, or as a wakeup call for those who are only used to quick and easy digital distribution and the App Store. Mechner also notes that software prices have dropped quite a bit -- but then again, audiences are much bigger these days, and software is generally more accessible. It's an interesting comparison for sure (and of course it's nice promotion for the new game, too).

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