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T-Mobile HTC 8X gets Windows Phone 8 update packing text messaging and WiFi tweaks

Alexis Santos

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T-Mobile and Microsoft have unleashed a new Windows Phone 8 update (version 8.0.10211.204, if you must know) to polish the OS for HTC 8X devices. Now, incoming calls can be replied to with pre-written texts and data usage can be kept to a minimum by preventing Internet Explorer from downloading images automatically. Text messaging has been spruced up as well, allowing multiple recipients to be added at the same time when sending a message, automatically saving unsent texts as drafts and letting users edit received messages before forwarding them. Redmond's OS will now learn from a user's WiFi connection history and prioritize which networks it connects to. If you've experienced some rebooting issues with your handset, it's likely that the unspecified grab bag of "other improvements" includes a few welcome bug fixes to smooth things over. There's no word on when the update will grace the 8X's brethren on other carriers, but if your smartphone happens to call the magenta network home, mosey on over to the "Phone Update" settings section to check for the fresh release.

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