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Nature-inspired nano-material builds a better electrode, points to greener future (video)

Nicole Lee, @nicole

From the apple falling on Newton's head to batteries made out of root extract, scientists have long turned to nature for ideas. Following that tradition, the brainiacs over at the University of Reading have developed a new nano-material electrode coating based on the cellular structure of plants. Essentially a network of tiny wires, it features a larger surface area than flat electrodes, giving it the leverage it needs to convert more electricity in a smaller form factor. This could lead to cheaper cell production and good things for the future of green energy. "This novel electrode coating technique has applications for fuel cells in the newest generation of hybrid cars, photovoltaic cells, rechargeable batteries or battery production for a wide range of green technologies," said the university's Dr. Adam Squires. Hopefully this sort of technology makes its way to consumers in a timely fashion, but in the meantime we can't help but marvel at how this nature-inspired technology is being used to save its muse. Poetic, isn't it? To find out how the nano-material is made, check out the source and the video after the break.

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