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Pid's 'Easy Mode' brings balance, universal enjoyment to Steam


The Easy Mode that Pid developer Might & Delight promised earlier this month is now live on Steam, offering "a version of the game that can be enjoyed by everyone." This would include us, we assume, especially since we found Pid to be "one of the most annoying games" of the year, with manic, frustrating difficulty spikes.

"In Pid's Easy Mode we have redesigned nearly all levels and maybe most importantly made all the boss fights shorter and more simple," Might & Delight writes on the Steam announcement. "We have studied the reviews and playthroughs on YouTube thoroughly to determine how we can create a version of the game that can be enjoyed by everyone. We have also reworked small parts of Normal Mode and the difficulty spikes that people encountered!"

The patch also allows players to change difficulty mid-game, without having to restart. Pid on, people.

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