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Stiq Figures, December 10 - 16: E.T. edition


Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter. Every week, we take a look at, uh, something – meanwhile, the previous week's Japanese hardware sales figures are posted after the jump, and a discussion of said figures takes place in our comments. It may not be conventional, but it's a time-honored Joystiq tradition.

Those hoping to unwrap the latest, hottest game this week should hope they don't accidentally warp back in time 20 years, as they might accidentally get E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. Not the movie, sadly, but the awful licensed Atari 2600 game.

To sympathize with kids that were stuck with this movie tie-in game in 1982, we're subjecting ourselves to this Christmas commercial for the Atari atrocity. Okay, maybe we're not being fair, there might be someone out there that likes this game.

3DS LL: 206,973 [UP] 70,600 (51.77%)
Wii U: 126,916 [DOWN] 181,226 (58.81%)
3DS: 112,052 [UP] 36,926 (49.15%)
PS3: 42,976 [UP] 5,982 (16.17%)
PSP: 33,002 [UP] 13,365 (68.06%)
Vita: 14,446 [UP] 3,407 (30.86%)
Wii: 10,346 [UP] 3,632 (54.10%)
Xbox 360: 1,760 [UP] 544 (44.74%)
PS2: 1,102 [UP] 198 (21.90%)
DSi: 320 [UP] 75 (30.61%)
DSi LL: 221 [UP] 42 (23.46%)

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