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Five apps that put the Merry in Merry Christmas


It's Christmas Eve, which means that it is time to stop shopping and start enjoying the Christmas holiday. Here are five fun apps to help you get your cheer on.

The Impossible Test - Christmas Edition (iOS Universal, Free)

The Impossible Test is a brain teaser app that asks you questions which are seemingly impossible to answer. Of course, each one has an answer -- you just have to use your brain power to figure it out. This holiday version features four game modes and 30 Christmas questions.

Zen of Snow HD (iOS Universal, Free)

Zen of Snow HD is a snow globe for your iPad and iPhone. The relaxing app includes four peaceful scenes and background Christmas music. It's a perfect companion while you wrap your gifts or stuff your Christmas turkey.

Snappet (iOS Universal, US$0.99)

If you love taking photos of your pet and sharing them with friends and family, then you need to download Snappet. The photo-taking app lets you add outfits to your pet without having to squeeze that poor tabby into a tutu. A holiday-themed version lets you add reindeer hats, snowman costumes and more to your furry friends.

ReindeerCam (iOS Universal, $1.99)

Get a glimpse of Santa's reindeer in this app that provides a live video feed from the North Pole. Watch Santa feed the reindeer each day at 11 AM, 6 PM and 9 PM EST. Great for kids and parents alike.

Naughty or Nice Scan (iOS Universal, Free)

Wonder if you will get a stocking full of coal this Christmas? Find out if you've been naughty or nice this year using the full body or fingerprint scanner in the Naughty or Nice scan app. Share your results on Twitter and Facebook with this entertaining holiday app.

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