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Kickstarted-funded POP charging station lives on after Apple rule change

Here's a nice turn of events that must have plenty of Kickstarter backers feeling the holiday cheer. Following an abrupt about-face by Apple, the POP power station portable charger for iOS devices has been un-canceled by its creator, who is now heading full-steam-ahead into production of the product.

GigaOM reports that backers of the portable battery, which sports a combination of retractable Lightning and 30-pin cables if desired, have received an email from project founder Jamie Siminoff announcing the good news. Siminoff had decided to issue them full refunds after Apple wouldn't approve his creation, saying its guidelines forbid both connector types from being used on a single charging accessory. Following the media coverage the story spawned, however, Apple changed its rules.

Siminoff initially decided not to continue development of the POP device when he learned about Apple's change of heart on the matter, but luckily for backers he appears to have had a change of heart of his own. The POP project raised US$130,170 of its original $50,000 goal.

[Via AppleInsider]

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