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Greater percentage of Generation Y own iPhones than any other age group


The smartphone movement has penetrated just about every demographic imaginable, but when it comes to the iPhone, Generation Y are the biggest fans. As reported by ReadWrite, a new Forrester Research report notes that 29 percent of Gen Y smartphone users -- defined here as ages 24 to 32 -- own Apple's smartphone.

Following Generation Y on the charts is Generation Z with 24 percent and then Generation X with 22 percent. iPhone adoption drops off pretty dramatically after that group, with the "Younger Boomers" demographic coming in with just 11 percent, "Older Boomers" at 9 percent and the "Golden Generation" at 6 percent.

When taking the entire US mobile phone market into account, regardless of age, the iPhone claims an 18 percent share of overall users, tying with LG. Samsung rules the roost with 24 percent of the market, while Motorola and HTC lag behind at 12 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

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