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Replica Portal gun signed by Valve and auctioned on Ebay for charity


The only thing better than donating to a worthy charity is donating to a worthy charity and getting a full-size replica Portal gun signed by the entire Valve team out of it. Warm fuzzies and a new toy.

Valve signed a replica Portal gun for the Games Art and Music charity event in Florida, and now that the show is over, GAAM is auctioning it off on Ebay, with all of the funds benefiting Child's Play Charity. It's like helping two charities in one go.

The Ebay auction started off strong, but because of some technical issues, it was reset and now needs to make up some ground to reach its previous peak. The auction ends tomorrow, December 28, at 10:37 a.m. PST. If you have a pure heart and an empty space on your mantel, this bidding war might be for you.

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