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Ouya dev consoles have shipped, unboxed on video


The Ouya team has announced that developer consoles have begun shipping. To celebrate the news, an unboxing video of the console has been released, showcasing exactly what developers will get with the unit. Unlike the eventual retail console, the developer console and controllers are made of transparent plastic (thus making them "rare drops"). The kit includes everything needed to get the console up and running, including all the necessary cables and even batteries for the two controllers.

The kit also includes a letter letting developers know that this is not the final console, and some bugs are still being worked out. The controllers aren't final either, and should see some design tweaks before the final release.

Finally, Ouya is giving away a developer console to the first person who can accurately guess how many consoles are in the shipping crate pictured in its announcement blog post. Keep in mind that these things are tiny. As the video demonstrates, they're roughly the same size as a coffee mug. A note for developers: Do not confuse the two. We wouldn't want you pouring coffee all over your precious Ouya, now would we?

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