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The Daily Grind: When should character progression carry over?

Eliot Lefebvre

Age of Wushu is still in testing right now, but that doesn't mean that your play right now doesn't count. Character progression is carrying over, and what you do from this point onward will matter. The game isn't alone, either; Final Fantasy XIV will be carrying over character data from open beta, and other free-to-play titles have kept characters around for the launch environment.

If the beta is just a launch without any pricing, that's fine. (If it's persistent and you're being charged, that's not a beta; that's launch.) But Age of Wushu still has a fair bit more testing to go through, some of which could result in some rebalancing or changes. It's all normal stuff for testing, but knowing that what you do during this test will carry over means that you have to base long-term decisions on systems and elements that might change in the near future.

Of course, "betas" are increasingly less concernned with development and more concerned with early play. So what do you think? When should character progression carry over to the launch version? Mid-beta? Early beta? Open beta? At launch and not a day before?

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