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Events 2012: Wii U launch


Depending on who you ask, the next console generation may or may not have started this year. The confusion stems from the fact that this new console is the Nintendo Wii U, which, following the example of the Wii, innovates with a crazy new control method instead of pushing graphical capabilities far forward.

Following its November 18 debut, the Wii U has enjoyed robust sales, though it doesn't appear to be the genuine cultural phenomenon the Wii was, which Nintendo was surely hoping for. On the upside, that means you can find one. Its launch was also marred by the need for a gigantic day-one patch which added all of the online functions, plus Wii backward compatibility.

It's honestly too early to predict how the Wii U will affect the industry as a whole. Remember that it took the 3DS a year of near-death and a price drop to become a massive success. But as we go into 2013, you can read up on what we thought about the thing.
  • Wii U review: Our comprehensive overview of the hardware itself found that the weird GamePad controller is a success, loaded with features, easy to use, and greatly enhancing the convenience of console gameplay, thanks to its built-in screen. The new online features are addictively fun, too, if plagued with confusing interface issues. Trying to set up the friends list was one of the hardest puzzles of 2012.
  • Wii U GamePad: console gaming with no TV required: In this brief roundtable, three new Wii U users discussed their experiences with the off-TV play of the Wii U. We were all impressed by the ability to enjoy full-size console games without hogging the TV, even if it didn't work in the bathroom.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto on how the Wii U could change games: The world-famous game designer talks to Joystiq about the possibilities created by Wii U's motion controls and second screen.

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