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Madden 11, NBA Jam, Sims 2, other EA games go offline in January


If it's in the game, it's in the game, until the game gets too old and the servers are shut down. EA is taking some games offline starting on January 3rd, when FIFA Manager 11 for PC will cease online connectivity.

Most of the unplugging will take place on January 11: that's when FIFA Soccer 11, FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team, Madden 11 and its Ultimate Team, NBA Jam, NBA Live 10, NCAA 11, NHL 11, and NHL 11 Ultimate Team will lose their online capabilities. The loss of NBA Live 10 effectively ends online play for EA's NBA series.

On the 14th the Sims 2 will end online service, and Trenches 2 for iOS will follow on the 19th.

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