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Skyrim, Oblivion wield deal-blades in Elder Scrolls sale on Xbox Live [update]


Looking for a last-minute getaway destination before 2013 grinds into gear? Why not try the lush, wildlife-infused terrains of Tamriel, on sale today on Xbox Live Airlines? Just don't forget to bring your dragon repellent. Yes, the last Countdown to 2013 deal of the year brings discounts for Oblivion and Skyrim on Games on Demand, as well as their DLC.

Today's deal slashes Skyrim's price in half to $29.99, as well as taking 50 percent out of the Hearthfire and Dawnguard add-ons. However, at the time of writing Hearthfire is still at the regular 400 MSP, although Xbox spokestype Major Nelson indicates the price should lower later today, Dawnguard is rightfully half-off of 800 MSP.

Meanwhile Oblivion gets a 33-percent-sized chunk ripped out of it, that taking the previous Elder Scrolls game down to $9.99. There are discounts for its DLC too, with the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine add-ons half-price at 600 and 200 MSP respectively.

Update: The Hearthfire DLC is now at the indicated on-sale price of 200 MSP.

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