Samsung gives its Series 3 Chromebox a facelift, specs remain the same

Keeping the Chrome OS party going, Samsung released an updated model of last year's Series 3 chromebox. Gracefully named the XE300M22-B01US, this cloud-based workstation features the same 1.9GHz Intel Celeron B849 processor, 4GB of RAM, six USB 2.0 ports and 16GB SSD as its predecessor. The only real change here is the system's appearance, which is now a sterile white plastic shell with a latch covering its front-facing inputs. The computer recently went on sale in the UK for 279 GBP ($453.50) with Samsung remaining mum on stateside release plans. However, if patience isn't your strong suit and you've gotta have this machine now, you can pick up last year's model (virtually the same hardware) for around $329 or less.