Joe Danger Touch wheelies onto iOS this month

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Joe Danger Touch wheelies onto iOS this month
Joe Danger Touch is leaping through rings of fire and App Store red tape to land on iPhones and iPads this month. Speaking to CVG, developer Hello Games said the iOS trickster features new characters which can be unlocked either by progressing through the game or via in-app purchases. Touch also lets players set challenges for each other via Game Center.

"I don't think Joe Danger Touch feels like anything else I've played," Hello Games managing director Sean Murray said. "I want it to feel like it could only work on iOS, because we've built it specifically for the device. Towards the end of the game, it gets super difficult, probably more so than the console version. I'm amazed what levels I can handle sometimes, and the subtlety possible with just a touch interface."

That touch interface sees players swiping to make Joe wheelie, flicking to knock obstacles off the track, tapping to jump, and holding down to crouch. Presumably you have to blow on the screen to put him out following the inevitable ring of fire mishap.
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