CES Unveiled: Dexim's Lightning Power Skin and Music Talking Stylus

We looked at Dexim's chargers last year, but the company is rolling out a new Lightning port Power Skin for the iPhone, as seen above. It should sell for US$60 and be available at the end of January.

For those of you who still have 30-pin iPhones, they were handing out samples of the ClickStick Bluetooth remote for the iPhone's camera. I'll have a review of that next week.

One crazy accessory they were pushing as well was a Bluetooth stylus, which you can use to listen to music (you can actually plug your headphones into the end of it), or use it as a sort of pen phone, as it has a microphone on it. Crazy stuff, but it just might be a hit. Then again, it is called the Music Talking Stylus and will be available for $79.99 in February. Engadget has a gallery of the Music Talking Stylus here.

CES Unveiled Dexim to release Lightning connector battery case