hippih's Bluetooth-powered hipKey keeps your iPhone close, your precious things closer (hands-on)

hippih's Bluetoothpowered hipKey keeps your smartphone close, your loved ones closer handson

Bluetooth accessories that let you keep tabs of your stuff aren't exactly new, but few are as charming and well-designed as hippih's hipKey, at least from our initial impressions. Created and designed in Denmark, the tiny crescent-shaped device made its US debut at CES 2013 after a couple of very successful months abroad -- it apparently sold out just five days after it was available through Apple Online Europe. It connects to any iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0, where you can either use the hipKey to keep track of your iPhone or iPad or use a handy iOS app to keep track of the device itself. Just hook it up to your precious belongings and you'll know where they are via vibrations or an alarm. You can also use "Child Mode" to record what a child was wearing in case you lose him/her in a crowd. Additionally, there's a patent-pending Safe Zone feature that lets you create alarm-free locations so you don't accidentally set it off when at home or the office.

We had chance to try the hipKey out in person, and were impressed by its small and discreet size. Made out of anodized aluminium, it's incredibly pocket-friendly and only has a couple of buttons so the controls are easy to comprehend. The alarm goes as loud as 90db and the vibrations seems pretty easy to detect. We only had a second or two to try the app out, but that appeared quite intuitive as well. It's difficult to say whether this will be that useful in real life, but we'll need to test it out for an extended period to find that out. According to a hippih spokesperson, the hipKey will be available from the Apple store in the US starting January 15th for $90 each.

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hippih Introduces App-Enabled Accessory hipKeyTM to U.S. through Apple Online
Helps the World Keep an Eye on the Stuff it Loves

LAS VEGAS – January 7, 2013 – hippih, the company who helps you keep an eye on the stuff you love, announced today that its hipKeyTM accessory will soon be available for sale in the United States and Canada, exclusively at The Denmark-based company will bring hipKey to the U.S. for the first time with this launch in Apple's online store. Designed to keep your valuables close, hipKey is an app-enabled tracking accessory for the iPhone and iPad.

"Always at the forefront of innovation, Apple demands the highest quality design, and the best functionality for their products, and we know that hipKey meets those standards," said Danny van der Poel, CEO of hippih. "While other devices may track your belongings, hipKey is the only device on the market that provides four unique functions, in a practical, aesthetically pleasing device. We aim to make the lives of Apple customers easier with hipKey always by their side."

Apple's stamp of approval is marked on hipKey through the company's interest in selling the device exclusively. Sold through Apple Online Europe beginning in November 2012, hipKey was initially available in 20 countries. After five days of sale, initial stocks were sold out, and hipKey was listed as one of the Top 5 Best Selling App-Enabled Accessories in many key countries.

A small, crescent-shaped accessory, hipKey uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to wirelessly connect with an app on a user's iPhone or iPad, and keep track of their most important belongings. hipKey comes standard with four features – Alarm Mode, Child Mode, Motion Mode and a 'Find Me' Feature – all of which work to make the user's life easier. The device can be attached to any valuable (think keys, purses, suitcases and more), or a child and will track their vicinity to the connected iPad or iPhone. Using vibration and an audible alarm, hipKey notifies the user when the device is moved outside of the specified range. hipKey is also capable of tracking in reverse, using the device to help locate a missing iPhone or iPad.

hipKey comes with a unique and convenient Safe Zone feature (patent pending) that allows the user to create 'alarm free' location zones that can be entered and exited seamlessly. Regardless of location, the user will be notified if leaving a Safe Zone with only hipKey or iPhone / iPad.

The hipKey will be available on Apple's website for $89.99. hipKey is currently compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad (4th generation) and iPad (3rd generation). For more information on hipKey, or the first ever crowdsourced lost and found for the world, designed by hippih, visit the company's website at