Kickstarter ends 2012 with $274 million in successful pledges, bigger projects

It almost goes without saying that we love crowdfunded projects. If we use Kickstarter's 2012 wrap-up as a bellwether, there's many others out there like us. The number of successful projects shot up 53 percent last year to 18,109, and generated $274 million from pledges to projects that met their targets -- that's about 2.7 times more just in successful contributions than was raised in total for 2011, It's not hard to understand why if you've been following along. Between projects like Double Fine's adventure game, Ouya and Sundance Festival movies, Kickstarter in some cases has generated several times the revenue that a given client needed to get going. We won't venture a guess as to whether or not 2013 will see fiercer competition from the likes of Indiegogo or Christie Street, but any surge in truly viable, indie-built technology is good news in our book.