Panasonic 4K tablet prototype hands on (update: video)

Panasonic 4K tablet prototype hands on

The Panasonic liveblog was barely finished when we saw this beauty calling out to us from the show floor. This is Panasonic's 20" 4K tablet, running Windows 8. It's a prototype design right now, but seemed to be pretty well put together, and not something quickly knocked up for the show. Given that it's not a full release model, details on specifications are sparse, but we can tell you that as well as that truly jaw dropping display, there is a front facing camera (no details on resolution, but possibly 2-megapixel), and an Intel Core i5 running the show. Input / output wise there wasn't a lot going on, but there was micro-USB, microSD and at least WiFi. If you're thinking that that display is going to pretty much keep you tethered to a wall to keep it powered, then we were told that it will at least give you two hours of use on the go.

Panasonic also told us that Anoto digital writing technology features in the tablet, which makes sense given that -- judging by the display section for this device -- that the tablet is aimed at marketing professionals, architects, photographers and other such business users. Given the tablet's size, it's not the sort of thing you are likely to be slinging in a rucksack and taking out on the road. That said, in our time with it, picking it up and moving it about wasn't terrible, and you can imagine swanky design houses and media companies lining the walls of their offices with these things. No word on price or availability, but Panasonic were confident that this would make it to production.

Sean Cooper contributed to this report.