Sony hopes to turn on PlayStation web shop in US this month

Sony is way beyond fashionably late to the console web store party in the US next to the likes of Microsoft, but it told CNET here at CES 2013 that it hopes to officially bring its Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) store stateside this month. Though we already spotted the service recently (which allows you to order movie, TV and video content and set it to download automatically to your PS3), it was still in beta at that point and only in Europe. Residents there can place orders, with items appearing on Vita or PS3 download lists, but until the official launch happens, nothing will download for now -- at least not without some hacking, from what we saw before. It's not clear whether it'll launch stateside in the same fashion or go live, fully functional, on both sides of the pond at the same time. If Sony's words ring true, though, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out.