Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with ZTE's Hagen Fendler (update: video embedded)

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.10.13

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It may not be the biggest mobile show around, what with MWC just around the corner, but ZTE's using this year's CES to make its presence known with the launch of handsets like the Grand S. We'll be joined on stage by ZTE USA CEO Lixin Cheng to talk about the company's place in the US market and around the world.

January 10, 2013 6:30 PM EST

Check out our full CES 2013 stage schedule here!

Update: Sadly, Cheng was not available, but we got Global Chief Design Director Hagen Fendler instead to talk about the Grand S! You may remember him from our April interview when he was still at Huawei.

Update 2: video embedded

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