Mobi-Lens smartphone / tablet camera attachment hands-on

Brian Heater
B. Heater|01.13.13

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Brian Heater
January 13th, 2013
Mobi-Lens smartphone / tablet camera attachment hands-on

Here's the sort of thing Kickstarter is all about: those ideas that are so head-bangingly simple you get genuinely angry you didn't come up with them yourself. Someone from Mobi-Lens popped by the Engadget stage this week to show off the company's new crowdfunded creations, lenses for smartphone and tablet cameras that clip onto the side of the device.

The company brought by the macro and fisheye versions, which we got to play around with a bit. After a bit of adjusting on our handset, we were more than happy to take them for a ride, shooting some shots of Tim's Ken Block interview. We didn't get the greatest shots in the world for the few minutes we played around with it, but what the company has managed to get over on its site should give you a decent idea of what's possible. The macro took some interesting shots as well, but you've really got to get in extremely close to get it to work as intended.

The lenses aren't cheap, at $40 bucks a pop, or $65 for two, but they're definitely cool additions for those looking to mix up their own smartphone photography a touch.

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