CES 2013 by the numbers

CES is pretty big. If you haven't already had it explained, it's a sprawling collection of cavernous halls, hotel suites and in-town meetings that require an unhealthy amount of coach trips and taxi rides. We've pulled together some numbers to help demonstrate the sort of scale involved but when you involve the likes of Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and more than 150,000 attendees, it's going to get a little messy.

CES show floor area: 1.85 million square feet Engadget trailer area: 1,440 square feet Number of Distro issues published during CES 2013: 4 Countries represented at CES: 150 Total number of attendees: "More than" 150,000 Number of companies showing 4K displays: 8 The cost of Westinghouse's 110-inch 4K TV: $300,000 The price of a food truck hotdog in CES' trailer-park: $10 Percentage of show materials recycled after CES: 75 percent Number of times Gary Shapiro's Ninja Innovation book was pimped during CES: Too many Number of pixels found on Panasonic's 20-inch Ultra High Definition tablet: 9,830,400 Number of t-shirts given away by the Engadget vending machine: 4,000 Number of poorly made t-shirts with Tim Stevens' face on them: 1 Number of interviews held live on the Engadget stage: 59 Time, in seconds, that the show floor was open: 118,800 Number of posts published during CES (January 4th - 12th): 905 Size of Qualcomm's CES keynote screen: 50 feet Maroon: 5 Number of Engadget posts written on "Day -1": 265 Number of new Windows 8 devices spotted at CES 2013: 24 Microsoft's showfloor square-footage this year: 0 Total number of products launched: 20,000 Sony products announced at CES: 25 Sony products announced with pricing and launch dates: 10 Desk spaces in the Engadget trailer: 52 Number of plants in the Engadget trailer: 2 (Maria Letizia and Norman)