CES 2013: Crapgadget roundup

For every big name present at CES, there are literally hundreds of smaller companies littered throughout the show's many halls and venues. We make it our mission to walk every aisle in search of hidden gems. However, that treasure hunt sometimes leads us to the most useless of products, otherwise known as Crapgadgets. While there was plenty of shameless branding in Vegas this year, we didn't find nearly as many pointless novelties as we expected. Nevertheless, it just made the ones we did spot all the more special, so head past the break to see what took top honors as this year's "worst in show."

Third Place: Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears

The cat ears on this mind-reading accessory are supposed to react to the mental state of the wearer. While we don't doubt they wiggle in response to brain activity, the headgear was definitely one of the least practical gadgets we saw at CES. That being said, after our original post the company lent us a set to play with, and we all had a lot of fun doing so. Check out our contest winner Daniel taking them for a spin in the video above.

Second Place: WheeMe Massage Robot

DNP CES 2013 Crapgadget roundup

Dreambots' latest WheeMe iteration is not only incredibly elaborate, but completely redefines the concept of "massage." It's a bargain at only $100, and if you have a spare two minutes, we recommend you check out the "official promo video" below -- it's almost as silly as the product itself.

First Place: The iPotty

DNP CES 2013 Crapgadget roundup

The iPotty is not only a literal Crapgadget, but also our obvious winner. Potty training an infant with the incentive of iPad time seems pretty strange (though somehow practical) but if you're willing to attach your slate to a toilet? Well, that's just tempting all kinds of accidents.