ClamCase Pro makes your iPad look like a thick MacBook Air

When we reviewed the original ClamCase, we found a few flaws that kept it from being a homerun: a cramped keyboard, a mediocre plastic build and a cumbersome power switch. It was decent, but it could have been better. The peripheral's makers seemed to agree -- the ClamCase Pro addresses every single one of our original complaints. Although the Pro is still a double-jointed iPad Bluetooth Keyboard at heart, it now features a more widly spaced chicklet keyboard, aluminium and polycarbonate construction and automatic wake / sleep functions, to keep its battery life in check. Drop in your tablet, and the whole package looks a lot like something that might come straight from Cupertino. Groundbreaking? No, but it's always nice to see follow up product directly answer its predecessor's flaws. The ClamCase Pro is compatible with the iPad 2 and up, too -- so you won't have to worry about buying different versions for multiple generations. The asking price sits at $170 -- but the company will toss you a $20 discount if you "like" them on Zuckerberg's social network.