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iHome offers a few Bluetooth solutions and a boombox at CES 2013

Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|January 15, 2013 8:00 AM

iHome is one of the biggest iOS accessory sellers out there, and they always have a huge presence at CES, with a big booth showing off all of the company's latest and greatest wares. Unfortunately, the product lines can often be hard to navigate -- lately, the company has insisted on using a numbering system for each of its products rather than individual names, instead relying on the popular "iHome" brand as an identifier. But there are some good products in there, among all of the relatively standard docks and connector cables that a lot of other CES vendors share.

Like a lot of accessory makers, Lightning is probably the biggest story around iHome's booth, as it's just now releasing docks and connectors designed to work with Apple's new standard. So for all of the old docks out there previously, there's now a Lightning version available that will fit together with your iPhone 5, the latest iPad or the iPad mini.

Bluetooth speakers are also a big deal for iHome lately, with one of the most popular being the IBT 97, a clock dock powered by a Bluetooth connection, with an extra USB port in the back for charging. The IBT 30 is very impressive as well: It's a Bluetooth speaker with a rechargeable base on it, so you can use the device as a speaker wherever you want, and simply return it to the base when it needs a charge.

The iP4 is one of the company's most popular products this year: It's a retro boombox-style stereo system that's been seen out and about in famous performers' hands. There's a standard Lightning version now, along with a Bluetooth version, each available for about US$199 or so.

And finally, the IBT 52 (ugh, these names) isn't the most iOS-specific device we saw, but it is handy. The IBT 52 is a little unit with a cord that leads off to a 3.5-inch plug, and it can be plugged into any speaker system in your house to make it Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to send music from your iOS device to a stereo system that doesn't already have Bluetooth inside of it. It's a pretty handy little device, and it could be very useful for those of us with older stereo systems when it releases later on this year in May for $49.

iHome offers a few Bluetooth solutions and a boombox at CES 2013