Oppo Find 5 gets January 29 retail date in China, likely soon after in US, Europe

Big handset fans (we'll abstain from the ph-word) will soon have another option in the Oppo Find 5, as it's set to go on pre-order in China for 2,998 yuan ($485) on January 15th. That sum will get buyers there the 16GB model (pricing for the 32GB version in China hasn't been released), which Oppo will drop in the mail starting on January 29th in all its 5-inch, 1080P, quad-core glory. The company said earlier that it would try to bring the natty looking model to North America, Europe and elsewhere soon afterwards, at $500 stateside for the 16GB model and $570 for the 32GB version. So, if other size-comparable models aren't meeting your pixel-density needs, start revving up that plastic.