Microsoft's Play strategy brings Xbox games to Windows 8 and RT (video)

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Jon Fingas
January 16, 2013 6:41 PM
Microsoft's Play strategy brings Xbox games to Windows 8 and RT (video)

Microsoft signaled its intent to directly back Windows 8 gaming before the OS was shipping, and it's proving true to its word through a new Play program. The team-up with NVIDIA brings Xbox (or really, Xbox Live Arcade) games directly to Windows 8 and Windows RT, with friends, multiplayer and other extras intact. An initial catalog won't move all our playtime to a Surface just yet, though. While there's notable titles like Ilomilo+ and Toy Soldiers, most of the 15-game library involves decidedly casual releases like Minesweeper. It's still a start, and more is coming: Microsoft tells us that the spring launch of World Series of Poker: Full House Pro will let gamers resume play on either Windows or the Xbox. We're not expecting a completely cross-platform Halo 5 anytime soon, but having a steady stream of familiar, tightly integrated games may keep some of us in Microsoft's ecosystem for a good while.

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