Samsung Galaxy Tab cleared for sale in The Netherlands, says Dutch court

Despite Apple's attempts to get Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7, 8.9, and 10.1 banned from sale in The Netherlands (per ongoing litigation between the two companies), a Dutch court in The Hague struck down that request in a ruling today. Apple claimed Samsung's Galaxy Tab line too closely resembled its own line of iPads, but apparently Dutch officials disagreed -- Apple is paying Samsung €63,678 ($84,755) in court costs as a result. This isn't even the first time a Dutch court sided with Samsung over Apple's claims on its Galaxy Tab line.

The two companies are engaged in a worldwide patent struggle, each trying to get the other company's products banned for sale in various regions. The situation in The Netherlands is particularly contentious, with some serious back-and-forth over various devices across the past several years. Today's news is just one more small step in the ongoing patent saga between Samsung and Apple, sadly, and we'll assuredly see much more minutiae before the two are through.