Apple scores another patent victory over Samsung in the Netherlands

It's always the same. The two companies continue to play tit-for-tat with their patents around the world. Apple's so-called rubber-banding patent has been particularly contentious. It played a central role in a German injunction against Motorola and was invalidated by the USPTO. Now the bounce-back scrolling effect has given Cupertino an other feather in its cap in the Netherlands. However, the Dutch court has chosen to be much more measured in its doling out of punishment. There will be no injunction, instead the manufacturer will be given eight weeks to update the offending handsets -- anything running Gingerbread or Froyo. Newer versions of Android, namely Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, use a subtle blue glow to indicate the end of the line. For every day longer than eight weeks it takes to either issue updates or remove the aging devices from the market Samsung will be fined $100,000, but Lee Kun-hee has probably lost more cash than that in his couch cushions. Next week we're sure this same patent will be thrown out the window by French officials or Apple will be found to violate some Motorola patent... and around we go.