Daily iPhone App: Pangolin bounces its way through your custom-made platforms

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.18.13

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Daily iPhone App: Pangolin bounces its way through your custom-made platforms

Last year, I participated in the game jam at 360iDev, and my idea for a game there was to make a touchscreen 2D puzzle platformer where you could swipe across the screen to create platforms to close gaps or create a navigation path. Given that I'm still a beginner game programmer, that game didn't get too far past the prototype stage, but the talented folks at developer Feedtank have been thinking along those same lines, it seems, and created this very colorful and well-made game called Pangolin.

In Pangolin, you follow the titular scaled mammal, bouncing its way around a 2D world, while you use two fingers on iOS' touchscreen to make platforms for it to bounce off of. The game borrows a mechanic from golf, in that you only get a limited number of platforms to place while you try to bounce the little guy from one end of each of the game's 40 levels to the other. The action is quick and clean, so that you always have ideas about where to place platforms, and the game's style is very well done -- it's colorful but not overwhelming.

Extra gems to find in each level provide a lot of replay value, and of course given the golf-style scoring, you can always try to go back and finish a level in fewer, more elegant shots. The game's nice responsiveness lets you do this well, too. Restarting a level is always quick and easy.

Pangolin is a great puzzle platformer, but it's not quite the game I had in mind back at that game jam (maybe I will make that game someday), but it does smartly use the touchscreen to let you create your own bouncy platforms, and hopefully kick your little Pangolin right into the gems and the level exit he needs. You can download Pangolin and play 10 levels right now for free, with more available via in-app purchase.

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