Elder charms only apply to 5.0 raids in Patch 5.2

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Elder charms only apply to 5.0 raids in Patch 5.2
Elder charms only apply to 50 raids
Blizzard community manager Takralus posted last night, clarifying some upcoming changes to Elder Charms of Good Fortune come patch 5.2.


I have not been able to play PTR and was wondering if there are any non daily ways to collect charms yet?

It would be refreshing to be able to acquire Lesser or Elder charms from a non daily quest related way. Adding either Lesser or Greater Charms as a low drop chance to the "Greater Cache of Treasures" from doing random Scenarios seems like an excellent spot to place them to mix it up. Is there anything like this currently on the PTR? Would be a nice change of pace from dailies.

Just for clarity's sake, once patch 5.2 is live, Elder Charms of Good Fortune will only apply to Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, the Sha of Anger, and Salyis' Warband (Galleon). There will also be a brand new Elder Charm equivalent currently called the Mogu Charm of Fate. MRFs will be used in the new content being released in 5.2 including Throne of Thunder, Nalak the Storm Lord, and Oondasta (ooh, say it again!). They'll still be "purchased" with lesser charms of good fortune though, exactly how the current Lesser Charm to Elder Charm conversion works.

We'll be sure to let you guys know how various currencies (including Conquest and Valor) will work before the release of the patch, so you have some time to plan.

So, players who have been collecting lesser charms have nothing to fear, those will still be exchangeable for the relevant charm come patch 5.2, but converting those into Elder Charms will not be on the pre-5.2 to do list.

It will certainly be interesting to see what currency changes come to pass in 5.2, it seems likely that Valor and Conquest will be converted to Justice and Honor. That is, however, not certain! What do you think we will see with the arrival of patch 5.2?

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