Lenovo debunks RIM deal rumors, says CFO was just chatting

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Jamie Rigg
January 28th, 2013
Lenovo debunks RIM deal rumors, says CFO was just chatting

Lenovo turned a few heads last week when its CFO mentioned RIM as a possible acquisition target or partner, and with many eyes peering in its direction, the company's felt the need to clarify its relationship with the BlackBerry maker. An English-language statement -- courtesy of The Next Web -- says Wong Wai Ming was "speaking broadly about M&A strategy," and only included RIM in this comment as the interviewer asked about Lenovo's interest in the company specifically. While it doesn't provide any more fuel for the speculation fire, there's no denial here, and it's worth remembering that Wong mentioned the two have talked about potential arrangements, according to the original Bloomberg report. Damage limitation statement deployed, we doubt Lenovo will be bringing this up again unless anything formal happens. In the meantime, RIM's got slightly more immediate matters to concern itself with.

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